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Advanced visibility of all modes in a single solution

Plan, manage and monitor every step of the cargo journey with real-time information. Reduce costs and speed up customs clearance time.

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LogManager optimizes every Department of your business. Company

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Supply Chain

Enables planning of logistics, lead time and expenses involved, reducing costs

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Supports the planning of the next acquisitions, avoiding stock-outs

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It favors the maintenance of cash flow and the search for credit lines to pay customs expenses and taxes, providing greater financial control

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Contributes to a diligent performance in the bureaucratic process involving the shipments

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Customs Clearance

Enables the anticipation of documentation and payment of charges, reducing customs clearance time.

The best way to unite strategic, tactical and operational planning in your international logistics

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With LogManager you can manage your foreign trade operations across all modes, and track more than 25 different event types during the shipment journey, from international logistics to delivery to the final destination.

Monitor and manage shipments across all modes in a single solution

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Detailed information on the tracking of your cargo in the air modal in a few clicks

Find out all the details of your international cargo tracking, from booking confirmation to arrival at the destination airport, with information updated in real time.

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Predictive WTP

Have predictability on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of your shipments at the destination ports.

LogManager uses state-of-the-art technologies: AIS (Automatic Identification System) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to provide reliable and assertive information updated in real time, even before the shipowner's tracking.

With LogManager, information on the ship's position is updated in real time via satellites

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Actual Time Of Arrival (ATA)

Be autonomous in the control of your operation and do not depend exclusively on the cargo shipowner's tracking.

Combining innovative satellite technologies, LogManager provides reliable and faster information than the one provided by the cargo shipowner's tracking on the ship's berthing date in port, making your supply chain operation more efficient and cost-effective.

Major brands that trust Logcomex

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Manage your risks

Avoid extra storage and demurrage costs

Receive preventive alerts in your email that monitor key touchpoints in the customs clearance phase

✅ Shipments with delays
✅ DI with missing registration
✅ Delay in international and customs logistics
✅ DI pending clearance
✅ Cargo needing port clearance

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Get strategic insights

Based on market movements and routes, access information on the longest and shortest times and performance of shipowners, obtaining insights to support your decision making.

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Logcomex announces technology platform that offers management of shipments to the maritime market

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Platform enables the maritime market to manage shipments

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Company launches tool to facilitate the management of shipments to the maritime market

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"It's practically all via the system. I can get a sense of the process in advance because the shipment is already logged automatically and I know everything well in advance.

Fabrício Macedo Embelleze

André Bezerra - CEO FoxBroker