Crisis in the Port of Yantian: reflexes on global logistics

The global chain has been facing difficult times since the beginning of the pandemic. Stalled demand, container shortages and rising freight rates are just a few items on the list.

The most recent crisis episode is now taking place at the Port of Yantian, which is located in Shenzhen, China.

As one of the busiest ports in the world, the Port of Yantian has experienced a suspension in container acceptance due to a new outbreak of Covid-19.

As with the Suez Canal, the consequences of this congestion may be considerable, such as an increase in sea freight rates.

To provide a more complete overview of this issue, we will hold the webinar "Crisis in the Port of Yantian: reflexes on global logistics".

What you will see in this webinar

  1. Retrospective of events in logistics since the start of the pandemic
  2. Facts that led ocean freight to reach today's high levels
  3. Recent events in Yantian Port
  4. Impacts on logistics around the world

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Meet the participants:

Helmuth Hofstatter | CEO and Founder at Logcomex

Entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation, has experience in Segment of international logistics. He is CEO and founder of Logcomex, a platform that helps importers, exporters and logistics providers to have more visibility in an automated way in their foreign trade operations.

Thiago Abreu | Director of Operations at CTI Fracht

Specialist in logistics, graduated in business administration with emphasis in foreign trade, has over
15 years of experience in the foreign trade market. At CTI Fracht, he acts as Managing Director.

Understand how the episode in Yantian is affecting global logistics:

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