Siscomex Rate:
understand and prepare yourself
for the changes

In 2011, MF Ordinance No. 257/2011 aimed to adjust the cost of the DI, which increased almost 5 times compared to the amount that was previously charged. In 2020 the STF considered this increase unconstitutional. Today, those who work in Foreign Trade are wondering "How to interpret these charges and changes?"

If you are a customs broker, customs attorney, importer, or accountant, you can imagine that all these events are keeping you up at night! The white hair that appeared in 2011 seems to have Name and Last name: Siscomex Fee.

Calm down... Let's clear together? On May 25 we will hold the Webinar Siscomex Tax Refund: understand and prepare for the changes.

What you will see in this webinar

  1. Main events up to the readjustment in 2011 - Administrative Rule no. 257
  2. 2021 and the General Repercussion on Unconstitutionality - ME Ordinance 4131/2021
  3. What happens now? How does it work for those who already have restitution proceedings in progress

  4. How to calculate the amount of the fee and proceed with the process

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At the end of the webinar you will learn about a tool that does the calculation in a few minutes. Don't miss it!

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Meet the participants:

Profile photo Milena Hidalgo. The photo shows a woman with crossed arms and a smile on her face.

Melina Hidalgo | Lawyer at Aguiar & Vendruscolo

Teacher of Exportation and Operational Flows in Uninter and Customs Law in Uninter's Post-graduation. Post-Graduated in Tax Law by IBET (2014) and in Planning and Business Management by FAE Business School with emphasis in Foreign Trade. Vice-President of the Customs, Maritime and Port Law Committee.

Fabiene Brites profile picture. The photo shows a woman with a confident look and a slight smile.

Fabiane Brites | Head of Legal & Compliance at Logcomex

Graduated in Law from Unicuritiba with specialization in Business Law and Contract Law. Solid experience in the legal area of multinationals, startups and fintechs in various segments.

Understand the Siscomex Tax and see how to have more control in the customs clearance process.

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