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On autopilot: learn how FoxBroker accelerated customs processes for clients by 90%

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FoxBroker understood that technology is the greatest ally to stand out in the competitive market of customs clearance. From gaining time to customer loyalty, check out this case study how the company succeeded:

Keeping the customer on top of customs processes more efficiently

Automate activities such as invoice issuance

Relying on a reliable source of information

Optimize time spent on routine activities

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"Today my process is 90% faster. Before, it was all manual! And for the dispatcher, time is very important. Missing a deadline can mean paying more. A tool like Tracking, which centralizes all the information in one place, helps the dispatchers to save time.

André BezerraCo-owner of Fox Broker

On the one hand, greater credibility in the information, and on the other, ease of viewing the process. In addition to returning the dispatcher's most precious resource - time - Logcomex's Tracking platform has become a great ally of FoxBroker in another mission: building customer loyalty.

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