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Cheers! Discover the data-driven strategy of one of Brazil's largest malt importers.

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The volume of beer sales in Brazil in 2020 reached 13.3 billion liters, second only to 2014, the year in which the country hosted the World Cup. So much malt, because we have plenty of thirst...

This study will explain, bit by bit, how a large importer* of malt develops robust and data-driven negotiation strategies when importing the raw material essential for the production of Brazil's beloved ice cream.

Some data from 2020 and what you will find in this case:

If these facts about the beer market
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"We also use Logcomex data as a strategic tool to negotiate prices with suppliers and partners from abroad. If we observe that a competitor is importing the same product cheaper, we have that data as an argument in our negotiations at the top."

Malt Importer Testimonial

*For compliance reasons the name of the company has been omitted.

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