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Day 01

Artificial Intelligence

The transformation of Foreign Trade as we know it today

Speaker: Almir Neves - Hubkn

Container market

Technology and future in industry

Speaker: Thomas Lima - TCP

Automotive Logistics in Brazil

Overview and case study

Speaker: Rodrigo Teixeira - COMEXPORT


The convergence between transparency and privacy

Speaker: Fernando Bousso - Baptista Luz Advogados

Maritime Transport

The importance of innovation

Speaker: Leandro Barreto - Solve Shipping

Customs Clearance

Expectations for the market in 2022

Speaker: Marcos Heusi - Nelson Heusi

Digital Transformation

Bringing the supply chain spotlight to Comex

Speaker: Leonardo Schmidt - InterFreight

Day 02

Organisational culture in foreign trade

Transforming processes to leverage better results

Speaker: Thiago Furtado - Gett

The new China

How the Asian giant will continue to dictate the future of foreign trade

Speaker: Vinicius A. Marques

Commercial Intelligence

How to make foreign trade more strategic

Speaker: Igor Isquierdo Celeste - APEX

Trends and Innovation in Foreign Trade

A look to the future

Speaker: Rodrigo Alves - Fil Group

Contractual pre-validation on import

Its importance and effects

Speaker: Melina Hidalgo - Aguiar & Vendruscolo

Single Portal Siscomex

What has already changed and what will change in foreign trade?

Speaker: Sinara Bueno - Fazcomex

How to implement a data-driven culture in foreign trade

Speaker: Helmuth Filho and Carlos Souza - Logcomex

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