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Trends for comx in 2022

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January 28
1:30pm to 5pm

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Unveil the future of commerce based on data and history.

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The trends in foreign trade involve technology and innovation.

Many transformations have taken place in recent years, bringing improvements such as automation, data integration, and cloud computing.

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Who is Logcomex Talks for?

The event was created with the objective of being the annual meeting of the trade community on the sector's official day, January 28th.

To help the companies that operate in the sector, you will be able to meet big names in a chat afternoon, presenting the main learnings and challenges of Segment throughout 2021, in addition to the economic trends and forecasts for world trade in 2022.




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Jonas Vieira

Founding Partner | Invoice Content

Consultant and producer of content in Foreign Trade, with experience in importing goods from Segment naval, machinery, electronics, chemical, fixed assets and high technology. Founding partner of Invoice Content, a Marketing Agency focused exclusively on serving companies in Foreign Trade. Presenter of the podcast Invoice Cast.

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Victor Motta

Head of New Business | Timbro Trading

Commercial manager with over 15 years of experience in structured foreign trade sales, Victor has an MBA in Commercial Management from FGV-SP, is specialized in Supply Chain from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Currently, Victor is head of new business at Timbro Trading, leading the strategies in commercial operations of importation and distribution of new products - from the implementation of new projects to the effective operation - with multinational and national companies.

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Rafael Gehrke

Sales Executive | Logcomex

With an MBA in Sales, Negotiation and High Performance Results from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Rafael has a decade of experience in negotiating international logistics services.

Working as a Sales Executive at Logcomex, he is also experienced in import and export operations in air and sea modes, in negotiating with international agents and transport companies, as well as having international experience in auditing stock inventory at clients in the Irish retail market.

Eduardo Maino

Eduardo Ferreira

CEO | Mainot

Eduardo has a degree in Computer Science from UFRJ, post-graduated at PUC in Project and Software Management.

In 2007, after leaving the consulting business and participating in COPPE's Business Incubator, Eduardo founded Mainô - a simple and fast ERP that seeks to help companies that work with international trade to have a competitive advantage in the commerce market.

Leonardo Oliveira

Leandro Oliveira

CS Team Leader | Logcomex

A graduate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUC-PR), Leandro works as Customer Success & Customer Support Team Leader at Logcomex.

Leandro leads the multidisciplinary Customer Success teams at Logcomex, carrying out all the strategic planning and operationalisation of Customer Success processes, as well as being Product Owner for the implementation of new tools and the development of new channels/functionalities for customer service.

Helmuth photo talks by logcomex

Helmuth Hofstatter

CEO & Founder | Logcomex

CEO and founder of the startup Logcomex, Helmuth leads a Company that serves all ends of the commerce industry, with hundreds of collaborators spread over 7 states in Brazil and clients in 5 continents.

A great part of his success is due to his more than 14 years of experience in technology development and project management in foreign trade.

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Gilson de Almeida

Sales Team Leader | Logcomex

With vast practical experience in the commercial sector - including upselling, identifying opportunities for new business and reactivating clients - Gilson works as Sales Team Leader at Logcomex, leading and training sales teams to achieve maximum performance and showing companies how to revolutionise their performance in foreign trade through the data and automation provided by Logcomex.

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Janaina Battistella

Branch Manager | DHL

Foreign Trade professional with over 20 years of experience, broad background and expertise in Logistics and Freight Forwarding, coordinating and supporting teams of Operations and Sales, Janaina is specialized in International Relations from UFPR and is currently studying for an MBA in Economics, Business Strategy and Consumer Behavior at Unisinos, RS.

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Day 28/01/2022


Opening Talks by Logcomex

Jonas Vieira - Invoice Content - Host


International relations: the world and foreign trade

Janaina Battistella - DHL
Victor Motta - Timbro Trading
Rafael Gehrke - Logcomex


Trends, technology and comx: what to expect in 2022?

Eduardo Ferreira - Mainô
Leandro Oliveira - CS Logcomex


How to develop commercial intelligence in foreign trade?

Helmuth Hofstatter - CEO Logcomex
Gilson de Almeida - Logcomex


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