Commissioners and customs agents

To attract customers, the recipe may seem simple: offer a quality service. However, to delight and build customer loyalty, you need to deliver more.

With the Logcomex Platform for Customs Brokers and Commissioners, your Company can stand out in the market.

✅ Visualise the end-to-end customs operation
✅ Keep customers informed of the progress of their processes with automated alerts
✅ Organised management of DIs, LIs and other customs documents
✅ Generate customised reports of your indicators
✅ Receive customised alerts and avoid unnecessary customs costs

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Technology for customs brokers and commission agents?
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In customs clearance, just doing the beans and rice is no longer enough

Follow-up spreadsheets are important... But have you thought about automating these updates on a personalized platform for your clients to consult? You can have an overview of all your clients' operations, leaving no deadline behind.

image tracking commissioners logcomex
icon monitoring logcomex

End-to-end monitoring for import and export

icon real time logcomex

Real time visualization

icon follow up logcomex

Automated follow-up of your shipments

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Platform integrated with portals and providers


In the 4.0 era, information is the most valuable resource your company can have

And it was with this goal that Analytics was born: to provide a dashboard with essential market information for commission agents and customs brokers.

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With the platform, it is possible to access:

icon dashboard logcomex

Complete Dashboard with market and import customer information

icon market potential logcomex

Complete information to analyze your market potential

icon volume of logcomex DIs

Fines, volume of import declarations and several other relevant data for your business.

real time icon logcomex

Get complete visibility of the most important information in real time

real time icon logcomex

Import risk management through automated and personalised warnings

Why choose Logcomex?

To break down your operation's bottlenecks

Always be one step ahead, with complete visibility of deadlines and next steps. This is possible with our platform.

To stand out in the market

Personalized view of processes with personalized alerts for each client, can you imagine?

Focus on strategic and less operational tasks

Invest time in activities that really add value to your business.

To boost your competitiveness

Get a broad vision of your market and performance, access the main players and take advantage of new business opportunities.

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Start today and see for yourself


Proven results

When we first came to Logcomex through referrals, we soon migrated to the platform because it is the most complete tool on the market.

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Have an efficient management in commerce

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