Freight forwarders

In such a competitive market with increasingly tighter margins, a broader vision of the market makes all the difference for freight forwarders, wouldn’t you agree? 

Logcomex's solutions enable you to make more detailed analyzes and manage your foreign trade processes automatically, with full integration with your suppliers.

✅ Study potential markets
✅ Analyze the market and find opportunities to leverage your business
✅ Monitor your shipments in a fully automated way
✅ Find more competitive routes.

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Logcomex: a complete solution for freight forwarders.

Shipment intel

Much more than data... Strategic information!

With our detailed information, we help you to thoroughly understand your market and identify new business opportunities, evaluate competitive routes, origin, destination and much more.

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icon porspecte logcomex

Prospect new customers

icon monitore logcomex

Closely monitor the market

icon NCM analysis logcomex

Analyse the description and NCM of the products

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Boost your market-share growth chances

logcomex routes icon

Find the most competitive routes

icon proposals logcomex

Draft sales proposals more quickly and accurately.

Unlock the competitive edge your business needs


Monitor all your shipments

Using the platform's AI and machine learning capabilities, track your containers in real time, monitoring +25 different types of events during the shipment journey - from international logistics to customs clearance and have greater predictability in your operation.

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icon market analysis logcomex

Analyze the market movement

logcomex market-share icon

Understand your market potential

icon evaluate logcomex products

Find shipowners by origin and destination

icon discover logcomex customers

Discover and qualify international markets

icon reduce costs logcomex

Reduce import costs

logcomex tax classification analysis icon

Analyze tax classifications

icon compare costs logcomex

Compare import costs

icon more agility logcomex

More agility for data-driven decision making

Why choose Logcomex?

To manage your import process from end to end

Eliminate blind spots and get a more detailed view of every step of your import process.

To follow your shipments in real time

Have more security knowing exactly how your shipments are progressing, thanks to constant updates from our artificial intelligence.

To integrate with the shipowners' websites

Keep up to date on all the transport operations of your cargo between ports directly on Logcomex's platform.

To centralize your processes

Integrate all your logistics providers and centralize all your shipments in a single environment.

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Get access to valuable information for your business strategy as a freight forwarder


Proven results

With Logcomex we have taken a huge leap forward, because today we are able to have access to up-to-date data on movements, which allows us to save time and money."

Márcio Vieira, Logline's sales executive

When we first came to Logcomex through referrals, we soon migrated to the platform because it is the most complete tool on the market.

Business Strategy Specialist in malt importing company*

Today my process is 90% faster. Before, it was all manual! A tool like Tracking, which centralises all the information in one place, helps save time.

André Bezerra, partner-owner of FoxBroker

*For compliance reasons the name of the company has been omitted.

Identify the best opportunities for your company

Follow the market and competitors' movements, discover the most competitive routes and analyze the weight and volume of goods per route - all with the security of having information updated 24 hours a day!