LogManager: real-time load monitoring

Manage your shipments efficiently and avoid extra costs

Plan, monitor, and reduce costs of your global supply chain operation with advanced end-to-end visibility

trustworthy infos logcomex

Reliable information updated in real time


Predictability of all stages of your shipment.

logcomex preventive alerts

Preventive warnings of extra operational costs

With LogManager, you have:

AI logcomex

Powerful Insights with Artificial Intelligence

Monitor logcomex steps

Monitoring of shipments at all stages of the logistics chain

best logcomex routes

Discovery of the best routes and potential suppliers

logcomex lead time

Planned lead time and your satisfied customer

Monitor real-time information, reduce costs, and avoid problems such as stock-outs and production line stoppages

Logmanager logcomex

How much time do you spend keeping track of your operations and shipments?

Centralize all your operation's indicators and transform the way you manage all your shipments.

intelligent infos Logmanager logcomex

Intelligent, centralized information in one place

satisfied customers Logmanager logcomex

More satisfied and loyal customers

end-to-end control Logmanager logcomex

Essential indicators for end-to-end control of your operation

100% controlled shipments Logmanager logcomex

Your shipments 100% controlled on a single platform

Logmanager logcomex

The ideal solution for more agile, efficient and assertive imports

customs clearance Logmanager logcomex

Speed up customs clearance

reduce failure Logmanager logcomex

Reduce human error with automated processes

configure alerts Logmanager logcomex

Configure and monitor +25 types of preventive alerts

monitor steps Logmanager logcomex

Monitor every step of your cargo's journey in real time

Logmanager logcomex

Be advised about the movements of your cargo

Optimize your operations with LogManager's notification center integrated with your Lead Time. Get access to all centralized customs information and documents, and track +25 configurable preventive alerts.

Monitor your shipments along the main sea, air and soon road routes

LogManager Expo


The ideal solution for safer, smarter and more economical exports

Reduce extra operational costs , avoid missed deadlines and the dreaded detention

Advanced Visibility

Advanced Visibility

reduce failure Logmanager logcomex

Monitor shipments from a single location

configure alerts Logmanager logcomex

Cargo location and status in international logistics

monitor steps Logmanager logcomex

Operational agility

monitor steps Logmanager logcomex

Know exactly when the cargo will arrive at its final destination

monitor steps Logmanager logcomex

Cost reduction and increased operational performance

monitor steps Logmanager logcomex

Customs: Monitor key status updates in real time from DUE

Logmanager logcomex
Logmanager logcomex

Predictive WTP


Historical data analysis and highly reliable WTP forecasts

- Predictability on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the cargo
- Information updated in real time, via satellites
- State-of-the-art technologies: AIS (Automatic Identification System) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Agile, assertive and reliable information in your supply chain, updated even before shipowner tracking

Actual Time Of Arrival (ATA)

Have autonomy in the control of your operation and do not depend exclusively on the tracking of the cargo owner.

- Accurate, reliable and faster information than shipowners
- Innovative satellite technology
- Efficient and cost-effective operation

Logmanager logcomex
logmanager expo screen

Air Tracking

Detailed information on the tracking of your cargo in the air modal in a few clicks

Find out all the details of your international cargo tracking, from booking confirmation to arrival at the destination airport, with information updated in real time.

More news soon

How does LogManager benefit each Department?

supply chain logcomex

Supply Chain

It allows the planning of logistics, lead time, and the expenses involved, reducing costs.

logcomex purchasing


It supports the planning of the next acquisitions, avoiding stock-outs.

logcomex financial


It favors the maintenance of the cash flow and the search for credit lines for the payment of customs expenses and taxes, providing greater financial control.

logcomex accounting


It contributes to a diligent performance in the bureaucratic process involving the shipments.

logcomex customs clearance

Customs Clearance

It makes possible the anticipation of documentation and payment of charges, reducing the customs clearance time.

logcomex cargo management

Freight Forwarding

It allows you to perform more detailed analyses and manage your foreign trade operations automatically, with full integration to your suppliers.

Advanced Visibility

The only platform in Latin America that allows visibility by BL, Container, Booking, AWB, House, Master number, for sea, air, and road modals.

Logo Logmanager logcomex

Road Modal

The transformation of your road cargo tracking is about to happen

Real-time security and efficiency


Transform the way you do business in global trade with Logcomex

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the sources of information used by Logcomex to obtain the data?

Logcomex's mission is to organize foreign trade information to transform the way companies do business. Based on this ideal, we process and organize information regarding foreign trade that is publicly available on the internet, in various types and formats, structured or unstructured, on portals and platforms such as: dados.gov.br. In full compliance with the Law of Access to Information - LAI, the General Law of Protection of Personal Data - LGPD and other current legislation. We also organize the data in our platform called "Big Data", which enables the crossing of several types of information to deliver to our clients the right information at the right time. Through Logcomex's products and services, information that was previously dispersed and disorganized in various different sources can be easily, quickly and assertively analyzed by our clients. Logcomex's great differential lies in its specific knowledge of foreign trade and its capacity to cross-reference hundreds of different pieces of information, optimizing the value of the information processed. Through processes of predictive analysis and probability, carried out by artificial intelligence algorithms, we arrive at results that allow us to infer assertive information, in a quick and practical manner, within the limits established by law.

What is the legality of the information provided by Big Data Logcomex?

All the information processed, organized and made available by Logcomex is available and publicly accessible on the internet in different formats and on various types of portals and platforms. No information is collected through illegal procedures and/or in breach of commercial or fiscal secrecy or other legal provisions such as the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data - LGPD. All activities are supported by norms and regulations such as the Brazilian Federal Constitution, the Access to Information Law, Decree n. 5.482/2005, and the Competition Defense Law.

Does the information made available by Logcomex through Big Data contravene competition or secrecy regulations?

No. Logcomex' activities are not considered anti-competitive as we do not at any time permit the exchange of confidential information between competitors and we do not offer direct competition in their markets. Furthermore, the information that we organize is mostly in the public domain, so that the markets involved already have a relevant degree of transparency regarding this data. Logcomex's work is limited to assisting our clients by providing operational information that may help them in the provision of various types of service.