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Hold the journey of your cargo in your hand.

With LogTracking, you get visibility into all stages of the shipping process for both sea and air modes in one place, with real-time updates.

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The ultimate system for managing your shipments

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Per client customized follow-up

Enable your customers to track their freight's journey with a customized follow-up panel.

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The end of printed documents

Upload all documents necessary for the cargo's journey and access them whenever you want.

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Cloud-based data security

Have all your data stored in a secure environment, in compliance with the General Data Protection Act (LGPD)

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100% online

Access information wherever you are. You only need an internet connection to access Tracking – no need to download anything.

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User-friendly design

Find all the important information easily.

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Way beyond cargo tracking

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The end of unnecessary customs costs

Schedule email alerts for each consignee and get notified in cases:

- DI Cleared for 6 days or more, and without delivery confirmation
- Cargo has been present for 6 days or more, and no DI is linked
- DI registered for 11 days or more, and not cleared
- Risk of loss due to abandonment (60 or 75 days).

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he personalized support you deserve

Logcomex understands how important good service is in your routine. That is why you will have a consultant at your service who will assist you with your business's success by providing quick and efficient support whenever you need it.


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Proven results

"Before, I was blind, I had no way of knowing what was going on. Now, sometimes I am the one who charges the client: I see in the system that there are three shipments. There is no LI to be done? I have credibility in the information I deliver to my clients via the platform, because it comes from public agencies."

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a self-employed customs broker. Is the platform suitable for me?

Yes. The platform is designed for all customs brokers, from self-employed providers all the way to customs brokerage companies.

How do the platform's features work?

2.1 -Siscomex Fee Refund: Simply choose a Corporate Taxpayer # (CNPJ) and a period, and the system will provide the Import Declarations report and Siscomex fee for the refund request. The maximum supported span is 5 years, and the user can only request one refund at a time.

2.2 -
 Import Licenses Management: Full updates on Import Licenses status. The user can choose between entering an Import License along with its reference number to monitor the authorities' status or allowing our AI to consult Siscomex based on the digital certificate registered on the platform. As for importers, in cases when there is representation, our AI will consult the registered Import Licenses and show their statuses on the screen.

2.3 -My Import Declarations: Information about the registered Import Declarations of importers for which there is a representation linked to the digital certificate registered in the platform.

2.4 -
Shipment Management and follow-up: Our data is updated based on the shipowner's system, Mantra and Siscarga (including customs status). After registering the BL or MAWB, all cargo updates will be sent automatically to the registered email addresses in real-time. You can also see updates directly on the platform in an intuitive, organized, and much faster way without having to access the shipowners' website. Do I need to manually update any information to receive follow-ups? You only need to provide preliminary data to register the shipment. After that, the system will automatically and accurately take over. You do not need to worry about follow-ups on weekends, holidays, or any other day.

Is there a limit on the number of consignees I can track?

There is no limit for shipment tracking. Simply enter the digital certificate and you will have access to all the consignees. In the free version, only the number of shipments per month and the Import Declaration extraction module are restricted.

About which modes does the platform provide information?

Follow-up: air and sea (and soon road).

Analytical data: air, sea and road.

What shipping information is updated?

Maritime:shipowner, maritime agency, importer business activity, BL, container, customs clearance status, consignee, operation date, BL issue date, shipment date, cargo presence declaration date, Import Declaration status date, Import Declaration clearance date, manifest date, shipowner ETA, e-BL issue date, cargo storage date, Import Declaration registration date, load release date, exporter, ETA, status, import/export, HS Code, ship IMO, seal #, manifest, ship, CTD #, company's legal nature, remarks, country of origin, country of dispatch, port of loading, port of origin, port of destination, country of origin, country of destination, gross weight, container length, reference, status, Import Declaration, container type, freight charge, cargo type, BL type, TEUs, Tare, phone, state, voyage, and container volume.

Air:airport of origin, airport of destination, freight forwarder, CTD destination warehouse, damages, airlines, consignee, registration date, operation date, date of last update, MBL arrival date, CTD details, arrival date, MBL registration date, documents (Import Declaration and Manifest, Transit, and Storage Integrated Management System (Mantra)), ETS, berthing stages, HBL #, MBL #, CTD #, Import Declaration #, remarks, container weight, reference, Import Declaration status, cargo type, shipping type, entrance record, state, federal revenue unit of arrival, federal revenue unit of destination, freight charge, freight payment arrangement, flight.

What happens after the cargo manifest?

he system has a 'track shipments' feature, where the AI queries the manifested e-BLs for the consignees entered by the user, corresponding to the importers registered in the Customs Agents Actions Recording and Tracking System (RADAR). The import marine shipment customs follow-up then automatically kicks in - from the manifest all the way to the cargo delivery by the terminal.

How are automatic updates made?

After the cargo manifest, all customs updates are sent automatically to the programmed emails and saved in the platform's history, available for access whenever you need them.

How often are updates made?

We have an engineering, data, and infrastructure team working to optimize our solutions. We currently provide real-time updates based on the integrated systems' data. The platform is available for access 24/7. Every day and at any time.

What shipment statuses will I be notified about?

Maritime:  in international transit, manifested, cargo presence declaration, CTD registration, Import Declaration registration, Import Declaration cleared, authorized for loading

Air:in international transit, arrived at destination, CTD registration, validated, CTD cleared, Import Declaration registration, Import Declaration configured, Import Declaration cleared, received.