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The analytics platform for more efficient imports and exports

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Follow up-to-date information about the entire industry

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Secure important competitive advantages

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Have more assertiveness for decision making

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Boost your results in global trade

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Reports that guide the success of your operations.

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Global Trade Analytics

Have at hand indispensable information for companies inserted in global supply chains.

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Insights to win your market

Follow in one place and in a few clicks high accuracy analyses about the import and export sectors.

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More operational efficiency

Ensure the security, efficiency, and transparency your Company needs to do business better and better

The right solution for your Company.

Stand out in an ultra-competitive market by organizing your strategies based on key imported NCM statistics.

The most complete solution for importers in 8 countries

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Monitor the international market through detailed research by NCMs, ensuring the inputs you need to find and validate business partners, reduce procurement costs, track suppliers' operational capacity, improve your negotiating power, and define your strategies based on up-to-date information.

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Trading Companies

With NCM Intel it is easier to identify the proper classification and all the available ex tariffs for your imports, thus providing the best return on investment and compliance with the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals (CARF). It also ensures up-to-date reports on freight and insurance values, applied tax rates, and the main costs involved.

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Logistic Operators

Make your supply chain even more resilient, efficient and competitive with analysis by specific periods, regions of operation, industry players, competing operations and more! Get ready to deeply follow the movements of the entire market, map important seasonalities and find the best business opportunities.

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NCM Intel Alerts New

With the new Alerts feature, you will receive by e-mail valuable insights for your operation based on information extracted directly from the platform. Follow a monthly summary with the variations of your main NCM, including comparisons on imported FOB value and statistical quantity, ranking of countries of origin, players operating with the same NCM, number of new suppliers identified and more! 

Transform high-accuracy information into actionable insights

Optimize your results with searches by NCMs, time periods, transportation modes, importing regions, routes used, clearance units, and more!

Find specific goods

Map and validate potential suppliers

Follow the volume of imports by cities and states

Evaluate taxes and tariff reduction opportunities

Monitor trends of Brazilian imports

Optimize costs and improve the profitability of operations

Analyze your market share

Identify growth opportunities

Proven results

"We understand what's going on in the market, what's happening in relation to costs, the performance of likely suppliers, distributors and business partners... And all of that gives us more grounding for negotiations. So it's really a powerful tool."

Fabrício Macedo Embelleze

Fabrício Macedo
Embelleze purchasing coordinator

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the information on Logcomex's Search platform come from?

Logcomex collects data regarding foreign trade, both imports and exports, from hundreds of public and publicly available sources. The entire process is carried out in accordance with the Access to Information Law and other current legislation. The information is organized and enriched using a machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm that produces inferences that are transformed into strategic information for companies.

Who can benefit from Logcomex's Search platform?

All companies that carry out foreign trade operations, such as importing and exporting, can use Logcomex's platform to obtain complete information and improve decision making. Logcomex's mission is to democratize access to foreign trade information for small, medium and large companies, providing strategic information in a secure manner and allowing for quick decision-making.