Logcomex offers complete solutions for exporters who want to improve the efficiency of their processes.

Our solutions promote strategic insights from planning to real-time monitoring of the export operation. With them, besides eliminating manual and repetitive tasks, simplifying the logistics flow and reducing costs, it is possible:

✅ Evaluate exported products
✅ Identify market trends and opportunities
✅ Centralize all export processes
✅ Receive notifications of new shipment updates
✅ Increase the efficiency of your operation

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Shipment intel ocean export

Leverage your export operations with the true Comex Analytics platform

Understand the export market in depth, expand your business opportunities, and track the volume of exported goods.

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Monitor all your shipments

Using the platform's AI and machine learning capabilities, track your containers in real time, monitoring +25 different types of events during the shipment journey - from international logistics to customs clearance and have greater predictability in your operation

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Analyze the market movement

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Understand your market potential

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Find shipowners by origin and destination

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Discover and qualify international markets

Why choose Logcomex?

To map prices in target markets

Monitor export numbers and analyze market-share by period.

To know the exact status of shipments

Follow the international process of your air or sea shipments in real time - information updated automatically.

Information on the actual exporter of goods

Filter by shipment date, HSCODE, actual exporter, port of origin and destination, country of destination, country and type of shipment.

To view routes and discover the most competitive ones

Find alternative routes and discover the most efficient and cost-effective options.

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"It's practically all via the system. I get a sense of the process in advance because the shipment is already logged automatically and I get to know everything well in advance."

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Business Strategy Specialist in malt importing company*

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