Export Intel: Transforming your Export Strategy

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with an in-depth and agile vision

Get intelligence and data to improve your export decisions in global trade!

✅ Discover new markets to expand your business.
✅ Identify the players and adjust your strategy to increase your market share.
✅ Optimize your negotiations with precise insights into prices and transport routes.

Ideal for exporting companies and trading companies .

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With Export Intel you get:

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NCM analysis
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My Market

NCM opportunities
Ranking of segments
Main destinations

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Country details

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Details of Company

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✅Get insights into market opportunities
✅Carry out complete analyses from the NCM to the players
✅Discover new market possibilities, expanding your operation
✅See the overall picture of shipments
✅Get to know the main exporters and trading partners

Why choose Export Intel?

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Market comparison:

Compare your Company with the general panorama of the market and your competitors in detail.

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Intuitive navigation:

Explore data simply and effectively with just one click.

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AI-driven Insights:

LogComex's artificial intelligence provides valuable insights for further analysis.

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