Shipment Intel

Strategic information on Brazilian imports and exports

✅ Get accurate reports to optimize your strategies
✅ Improve your decision making based on up-to-date information
✅ Track market movements assertively
✅ Plan and enhance your international trade operation

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Information that guides your decisions.

Shipment Intel is the benchmark platform in big data for logistics operators and companies working in foreign trade, combining cutting-edge technology and up-to-date insights for the most advanced analysis of the entire sector.

With a few clicks, you can monitor in a single platform detailed research on shipments of maritime imports, maritime exports and air imports from Brazil, ensuring total market visibility and more security for your negotiations. 

Precise and strategic information for importers and exporters in 6 countries

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About Logcomex Shipment intel

The right solution for your company

Shipment Intel Ocean Import

Invest your time in real opportunities.

Follow in one place a complete panorama of all the maritime shipments of Brazilian imports, with strategic studies and inputs updated in real time.

✅ Improve customer prospecting
✅ Increase transaction volume
✅ Validate suppliers and trading partners
✅ Accurately assess routes and shipments
✅ Plan processes efficiently and reduce costs
✅ Identify marine import trends
✅ Find new opportunities to expand your market share

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Make complete searches by HS Code, types of shipments, cargo and containers, forms of payment, routes used, consignees, suppliers and logistics operators, description of imported goods and more!

Shipment Intel Ocean Export

Proven studies for more assertive strategies.

Expand your visibility on all Brazilian exports' maritime shipments with detailed, accurate, and updated information in real time and in a single platform.

✅ Evaluate the volume of maritime export shipments
✅ Prospect business partners securely
✅ Map opportunities in route definition
✅ Improve value negotiation and reduce costs
✅ Monitor the position of the entire industry's operations
✅ Track trends and prepare your operations
✅ Understand your market share and leverage your growth

shipment search Ocean Export

Everything your Company needs to track the operations of the entire sector with surveys by HS Codes exported, shipment volumes, routes and players involved, types of cargo, main ports of origin and destination, forms of payment, and more!

Shipment Intel Air Import

The future of your international business without guesswork.

Count on the solution that is a pioneer in commercial research on air shipments of Brazilian imports, with weekly updates, strategic dashboards, and complete reports.

Analyze the air import industry movements
✅ Identify the most advantageous and strategic routes
✅ Expand opportunities for prospecting and performance
✅ Evaluate market share by shipment volume and gross weight
✅ Automate processes with the best integration with your system

Shipment Search Air Import

Consult in a few clicks in-depth research by origin and destination airports, shipment volumes, main routes used, logistics operators and players involved, airlines and more!

Proven results

"With Logcomex we have made a huge leap, because today we are able to have access to up-to-date data on movements, which allows us to save time and money."

Fabrício Macedo Embelleze

Márcio Vieira
‍Logline's Sales Executive

Logcomex Shipment Intel

Real-time analysis to always be ahead.

Learn about it now and get ready to boost your business in global trade.

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Common questions

What are the sources of information used by Logcomex to obtain the data?

Logcomex's mission is to organize foreign trade information to transform the way companies do business. Based on this ideal, we process and organize information regarding foreign trade that is publicly available on the internet, in various types and formats, structured or unstructured, on portals and platforms such as: In full compliance with the Law of Access to Information - LAI, the General Law of Protection of Personal Data - LGPD and other current legislation. We also organize the data in our platform called "Big Data", which enables the crossing of several types of information to deliver to our clients the right information at the right time. Through Logcomex's products and services, information that was previously dispersed and disorganized in various different sources can be easily, quickly and assertively analyzed by our clients. Logcomex's great differential lies in its specific knowledge of foreign trade and its capacity to cross-reference hundreds of different pieces of information, optimizing the value of the information processed. Through processes of predictive analysis and probability, carried out by artificial intelligence algorithms, we arrive at results that allow us to infer assertive information, in a quick and practical manner, within the limits established by law.

What is the legality of the information provided by Big Data Logcomex?

All the information processed, organized and made available by Logcomex is available and publicly accessible on the internet in different formats and on various types of portals and platforms. No information is collected through illegal procedures and/or in breach of commercial or fiscal secrecy or other legal provisions such as the General Law on the Protection of Personal Data - LGPD. All activities are supported by norms and regulations such as the Brazilian Federal Constitution, the Access to Information Law, Decree n. 5.482/2005, and the Competition Defense Law.

Does the information made available by Logcomex through Big Data contravene competition or secrecy regulations?

No. Logcomex' activities are not considered anti-competitive as we do not at any time permit the exchange of confidential information between competitors and we do not offer direct competition in their markets. Furthermore, the information that we organize is mostly in the public domain, so that the markets involved already have a relevant degree of transparency regarding this data. Logcomex's work is limited to assisting our clients by providing operational information that may help them in the provision of various types of service.