Any Trading Company seeking success and growth in the market needs an intelligent system such as Logcomex: with automated resources which eliminate human error, guaranteeing a reduction in operational costs, boosting efficiency and ensuring the speedy delivery of the product to the end client.

✅ Reduce import costs
✅ Compare import costs practiced in the market
✅ Get more agility in decision making
✅ Monitor variations in the economic scenario
✅ Get competitive information, following market trends

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‍Findout more about your market and identify new business opportunities

Shipment intel

Strategic Data for your Trading

Get a detailed view of import and export movements, obtain knowledge and assertive information to base your decisions, and define the best strategy for your business.

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icon monitor market logcomex

Monitor your market

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Analyze your market potential

icon analysis NCMs logcomex

Analyze the NCM description of imported products

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Identify the ideal customer profile for your Company

icon reduce costs logcomex

Reduce import costs

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Analyze tax classifications

icon compare costs logcomex

Compare import costs

icon more agility logcomex

More agility for data-driven decision making


Monitor all your shipments

Using the platform's AI and machine learning capabilities, track your containers in real time, monitoring +25 different types of events during the shipment journey - from international logistics to customs clearance and have greater predictability in your operation.

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icon market analysis logcomex

Analyze the market movement

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Understand your market potential

icon evaluate logcomex products

Find shipowners by origin and destination

icon discover logcomex customers

Discover and qualify international markets

Why choose Logcomex?

To be able to improve your supply chain

Strategic information to find suppliers with better negotiation, better conditions or to renegotiate their contracts with the current ones

To monitor the market and improve its performance

Optimize your current suppliers by identifying the import volume/price of each product (NCM), balancing your negotiations with market prices and enabling you to find more advantageous alternative routes

To make a detailed study of your market

Using Logcomex's information, you can identify your market potential and map out new strategies for action

To find the best freight options

Validate the origins of the NCMs and understand the freight scenario applied, and which countries offer alternatives to cheapen the process

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Strategic information to revolutionize your foreign trade processes


Proven results

When we first came to Logcomex through referrals, we soon migrated to the platform because it is the most complete tool on the market.

Business Strategy Specialist in malt importing company*

*data hidden for compliance reasons.

Strategic information to boost your business in commerce

Have total control of your strategy when making decisions, saving time and money.