logcomex transforms foreign tradelogcomex transforms foreign trade

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Software to plan, monitor and automate international trade

Logcomex's solutions integrate all segments of global trade, providing actionable insights that inform decision-making, give companies greater control over their operations and increase their negotiating power and competitiveness.

logcomex transforms foreign trade

We integrate the entire global trade chain

We have a complete platform for planning, monitoring and automating the global supply chain. Find out more about our products and make your business even more competitive with analytics and real-time visibility solutions.

Technology that drives global trade

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The Most Complete Visibility and Analytics Platform for End-to-End Global Commerce

NCM Intel Logcomex
NCM Intel

Your business based on strategic information, without hunches.

NCM Intel offers the most advanced intelligence technology on the market to provide highly accurate studies, through machine learning and AI, on import and export operations, guaranteeing the necessary inputs for more assertive decisions. In other words, your business based on strategic information, without guesswork.

The most complete solution for importers in 8 countries

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Logmanager Logcomex

Optimize your logistics operation and shipment management with maximum efficiency and visibility.

Monitor more than 20 different types of events during the shipment journey of international cargo in global trade in sea, air and road modes - receive automatic notifications and have all the details, real time and in clicks.

With the solution, companies:

- Monitor cargo status in real time
- Have already avoided extra costs and major losses in their operations
- Receive automatic update alerts for each stage of the process
- Are notified whenever any cargo is at risk and can act immediately on a case-by-case basis
- Monitor the international logistics and customs of their international shipments. Ideal for importers, exporters and freight forwarders.

Shipment Intel Logcomex

Access accurate information to stay ahead of the game.

Shipment Intel is the benchmark big data platform for companies in the international trade sector looking for complete analysis of Brazilian import and export shipments, providing an in-depth view to plan their operations with total security and efficiency.

- Improve customer prospecting
- Understand your market share and expand your market share
Define the best routes
- Ensure valuable insights for your negotiations

Precise and strategic information for importers and exporters in 8 countries. Ideal for freight forwarders and carriers

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Logmanager Logcomex

Automate and securely integrate processes to optimize your operation

Improve your operational performance and the governance of your processes, automate and organize all your workflows and reduce your costs and risks.

- Expand your cargo handling capacity
- Centralize your process information
- Organize your pipeline
- Have more governance over your documents and processes

See how LogAutomation optimizes your operations:

- Automates and integrates port terminals and bonded warehouses
- Makes it possible to search for and consolidate all the information on shipments destined for your terminal
- Promotes automatic checking of tax and duty payments
- Provides validation of all the customs clearance stages and documents
- Provides automated control and validation until the cargo is released to your client
- Enables automatic write-offs in state and federal systems.

Ideal for: ports, airports and bonded areas

Ideal for: ports, airports and bonded areas

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Make more accurate decisions based on strategic information

Discover the complete platform for planning, monitoring and automating your global supply chain

Take the power to manage your global operations into your own hands with the leading technology solutions platform for competitive intelligence, visibility and efficiency, and automation for international trade.

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Find out how Logmex Logística Integrada revolutionized its operational efficiency with LogManager - a Logcomex solution.

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image success story foxbroker logcomex

Malt importer

"We use the Logcomex Platform as a strategic tool, to negotiate prices with outside suppliers and partners. Thus, we have valuable arguments in our high-end negotiations."

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image success story foxbroker logcomex

Fox Broker

"Today my process is 90% faster. Before, it was all manual! And for the dispatcher, time is very important. Missing a deadline can mean paying more. A tool like Logcomex, which centralizes all the information in a single place, helps the freight forwarder to save time.

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We bring technological innovation to every link in foreign trade

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FAQ Logcomex

Understand more details about the Logcomex platform

Logcomex offers Import, Export and Customs Clearance services?

No. Logcomex offers software in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model for companies involved in foreign trade, such as importers, exporters, customs brokers, and freight forwarders. We do not provide the services themselves.

What does Logcomex offer?

Logcomex offers software for those who work with foreign trade, divided into four options: Logcomex Big Data, with general foreign trade information; Logcomex Search, a search engine containing import information; Logcomex Tracking, a customs tracking system for your cargo; and Automation, for reducing operational costs.

What is the origin of the information on the Logcomex platform?

Logcomex collects information regarding foreign trade, both import and export, from hundreds of public and publicly available sources. The entire process is carried out in accordance with the Access to Information Law and other current legislation. The information is organized and enriched using a machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm that produces inferences that are transformed into strategic information for companies.
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